multi output control

ok long wind question.
was looking at the software audio console and it does what i need but for a price i can not afford
what i want is a multi output say like 8 ch output so i can control each chan independently
was wondering if theirs a way to add a xover for each chan and prehaps a time correction as well
i would like to control all the audio outputs like sub low on a chan lows on another mid-bass, mid, high
in a stereo effect but due to the room i would need to re time the sound so it would flat on the rta
and any suggestions on a usb interface so i can run the outputs to the multi amps
i guess im asking is there a way to do active x-over while in use and not a passive x-over any longer
sorry if this is not the right software for the job but i love it from past work i have used it for and was just hoping

Last I knew, Audacity only outputs two channels (Stereo). You can get more channels out of Audacity as files.

Also, Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time. It’s a post production (after the fact) processor.

Audacity does not currently support multi-channel playback. Also, Audacity does not do real time processing.
If you use Linux you can do it with Jack, with Jack Rack and any compatible delay, high-pass and low-pass effects.

(apologies for the repetition - Koz posted while I was typing)

Jack, with Jack Rack and any compatible delay, high-pass and low-pass effects.
perfect ill look into that for sure thank you everyone for your help
linux …who would not??? its so much better than anything out there mac or windoz
thank you again my aim is like a 4 way to 5 way xover points hope is active
so i can tune them in the fly … thank you again so much