Multi, multi channel

Without appearing any denser than normal, that one multi-channel sound device with the old drivers listed in the hardware posting is the only way to record more than two tracks at once, yes?


not necessarily
only one shown to work with audacity so far
there may be others

lots of other interfaces and software that will work for multitrack
and most external interfaces come with free software to do that

The problems are often not the hardware, but the crippled drivers. Many manufacturers only bother to write fully functional multi-channel ASIO drivers and their WDM drivers provide only very basic functionality. (In the case of the “digi 003” the WDM drivers are 2 channel playback only - no recording at all).

I seem to remember a couple more success stories with Alesis USB mixers.

Of course, people generally come to this forum because they are having trouble, not to say how well everything works.


Are we going down “my cousin’s mom’s next door neighbor knows somebody” path?


For example…? Remembering we’ll be doing this across platforms. The only thing common past the usual USB ports is Audacity.

I’m going to do a live four channel recording next week. I need (or equiv) part numbers. I’ve already posted a way to do this with two MacBook Pros spread out on the table. That’s the desperation method and that’s not what I mean. As common a request as this is, surely somebody must have an actual, working pipeline that doesn’t involve Secret Aural Teachings, a Bottomless Checkbook, or Craig’s List software.


there is some good stuff out there to buy that does 4 channels

just how deep do you call bottomless ?

<<<there is some good stuff out there to buy that does 4 channels >>>

Again, that’s an example. The client/producer changes her mind and I need five. My Macbook fails and we need to use her Dell WinXP laptop. In that particular case, the ability to record analog Stereo Line-In will die with the Mac, but not USB. Supported on both, no problem.

<<<just how deep do you call bottomless ?>>>

Again as an example, multiple thousands.

Given those restrictions, all possibilities open up. Pay a programmer to compile and debug Audacity with ASIO support for each platform and use standard hardware. That would work, right? Rather well, as a matter of fact.

This is the “Blue Skying” and “Thinking Outside the Box” thing. Go crazy.


for a grand , certainly under 2K, you can get all the channels you need and probably all you could ever want –
including the pc, outboard interface, and software.
possibly also a mixer but that is optional. and usable mikes included, but you can go crazy with expensive ones if you have the money to throw around.

you only need one workign pc with windows. the drivers are fully functinal and not crippled with the external interfaces. and you dont need to have the ability to record with mac, and linux, and droid, yada yada.

I’ve been Googling and these are said to work with Audacity:

Alesis multimix firewire 16

RME Multiface II + PCI

M-Audio Delta 1010

M-Audio Delta 1010 LT (requires driver on Windows)

Alesis Multimix 12 Firewire (first 8 channels)

Alesis Multimix-8 USB 2.0 (requires USB 2 interface on the computer)

I’d love to test these out for you Koz - bottomless pit not required - about $3000 should cover the lot :slight_smile:

Does Windows 7 support any of these? I doubt it - has anyone tried?

Correct me, but haven’t some of them appeared in postings from people not able to make them work? Not gettin’ my warm and fuzzy here.

I’m totally in favor of the FireWire device for the obvious reasons, but the Windows Laptop people may not be so happy.


I work in a company with multiple hundred creative people (the phrase “like marching cats” comes up often) and many of them have audio equipment. Maybe, just maybe one of them has something in that list…


Not necessarily so actually, Koz.

My laptop (Dell Vostro 1710 - Windows Xp_Pro) comes with a firewire socket (and support for it). Only one mind you, compared with the five USB sockets. :slight_smile:


Absolutely, just like people have come to the forum not being able to get their Realtek HD/UCA 202/Mobile Pre/Fastrack Pro/SB Live/… to work (all of which we know do work). If that was a good reason for not buying a sound card, then you can rule out every sound card that has ever been made.

In some cases there are specific known requirements or limitations that I have listed.

We could do with an Audacity enthusiast that works for a large musical equipment retailer to come along and do some testing :slight_smile:

The Great Turtlenecked Father in Cupertino has determined that Macs won’t support FireWire any more. My last purchase was determined in large part by the availability of the FireWire connection. Not all have them any more. !@#S^$%

All my machines have only one FireWire port and multiple USB. FireWire is fast, bidirectional, and loops easily between drives. No hubs. I can (and do) boot to a FireWire drive third down at the end of the chain. I’ve seen video editing sessions with many multiple FireWire drives stacked. We of the video forums are horrified people are doing that, but it (mostly) does work. Just don’t post on the forums looking for sympathy when it doesn’t.

“My video is getting dropped frames!!”

Shame, that.


I think the assumption is that for Mac users, price is no object, so if you need Firewire you’ll get a high end MacBook Pro.
Does the less expensive MacBook have an expresscard slot that would allow you to add Firewire?