Multi Channel Recording using Tascam US-1800 16x4

I am currently using Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1 and Audacity 2.1.2. Audacity seems to recognize only the first 2 channels. I would like to be able to record on separate tracks all of the channels. Thanks!

That probably won’t be possible unless there is a “master” or otherwise named recording device visible in Audacity that records all channels.

As a longshot, try Windows WASAPI host in Device Toolbar. Or if you have a Windows XP box, multi-channel recording might work there. You might need to find older Windows XP drivers than those Tascam currently offer. Be aware of the dangers of running XP on an internet-connected computer.

Otherwise you would have to compile Audacity with ASIO support ( ) then choose the ASIO host in Device Toolbar.

Or record two channels then overdub-record the next two. This is a reasonable option that gives you more control over the result.


Thanks for your advice and quick response Gale. Can you recommend hardware that would work with Audacity?

Assuming you don’t want to compile ASIO support into Audacity and you are happy with your interface, you might be better to spend money on a moderately proved DAW like REAPER. You can try it without restrictions for free. lists some devices which according to user reports can record multi-channel into Audacity. Some of those though are devices which only record multi-channel on XP.


Thank you.