Multi-Channel Recording in Audacity

Hi there guys and gals, long time reader first time poster.

I am running a Steinberg UR44 with 3 mic inputs into audacity and attempting to record a podcast. The problem I am experiencing is that the first mic is being detected as a left audio input and the second mic as the right audio input while the third mic isn’t even picking up sound. Essentially I am having issues with audacity picking up 3 microphone channels.

This wasn’t so much an issue with 2 mics as we would record in the weird left/right stereo and then when we we’re done we’d split the stereo into mono and that would produce a nice sound but I’ve realised trying to record with 3 mics that this is just ignoring the problem and creating more issues.

Could anyone help me with this problem?

Did your interface come with software?

I’d say get a real [u]multitrack DAW[/u].

Here is some information about [u]Multichannel Recording in Audacity[/u], but most people don’t seem to be successful with it and Audacity doesn’t have the kind of automation that you “need” for multitrack mixing.