Multi-channel Recording in Audacity

I used an ALESIS iO¦26 FireWire interface with Audacity on a WinXP laptop to record a Holiday Concert. It appeared to be laying down the 8 tracks I wanted, but the screen writing was really delayed and slow. But I thot it was recording okay. Alas - it was not. It was almost good, but had a few studders every few minutes. Not good. I successfully used it a couple of years ago and got a nice 8 track mixdown, so I know it works. But two years gathering dust didn’t help.

At the last minute I tried to use a Windows 7 laptop with the Alesis firewire interface, but couldn’t get it to report 8 tracks. It will take me more time to figure it out.

See Missing features - Audacity Support for some things you can try.

You probably won’t get an Alesis device to record multi-channel with Audacity under Windows 7, unless you can persuade Alesis to work with the Windows XP drivers or unless you compile Audacity with ASIO support:


In retrospect - I probably messed up by using the optional USB interface rather than the firewire interface. So, when I get this thing out again next year, we’ll see if I can’t do better! (If I remember.)

Actually, I am anxious to give it another try asap.

(Did I mention I hate OS upgrades?)

Alesis products are known (as a general rule) not to record multi-channel into Audacity under Windows Vista or later, unless you compile Audacity with ASIO support.

Let us know if you find differently.