muh harmonica muh music

I started making music like, in or around 2004, 2005? I unironically have over a decade of XP in audacity.

But, honestly, I did a really crap job of learning it from the get go, p sure my mixing leaves a LOT to be desired.

Who did the rhythm bed? Are you everything?


Ia this an overdub session? You play the backing rack in your headphones while you perform? Can you manage Perfect Overdubbing?

Regular Overdubbing you don’t hear your own performance until later. Perfect Overdubbing, the interface or mixer has a “Direct Monitor” feature and you can hear the final theatrical mix in your headphones as you play it. After you get used to it, Perfect Overdubbing can soak up a lot of pitch and timing errors.


Not quite- a fella named Shandica, a long time ago, I asked him for the backing track so I record something, 'cause I liked his bass stuff, so that’s him on the Harmonica Sweet- I only did the harp.

On all the other tracks though it’s essentially just me- if you hear MIDI instrumentation, that’s me doing everything, 'cause all I got is a Yamaha from 2013 ( 100% me)

Now, when you hear instrumentation from live stuff, not MIDI, it means I used a loop from looperman or wikiloops and c’d and p’d over and over to act as background. ( Not me played Rhodes)

As long as I’ve been using Audacity, I’m still very limited in my overall knowledge- I could Perfect Overdub I believe but, I’m using a Yeti mic, so it does have the USB converter kinda… sucking out some of its potential.

There a quick and easy tutorial for Perfect Overdubbing?

sucking out some of its potential.

The G-Track has the headphone connections built-in and is one of the illustrations I shot for the tutorial.

No, I don’t recommend earbuds for mixing live music. They were pretty and available for the picture.

Converting from Regular Overdubbing to Perfect Overdubbing can be as exciting as pushing the Direct Monitor button.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 2.49.46 AM.png
If your interface doesn’t do that, then you’re kind of stuck. You can’t listen to the computer because of delays and echoes.

I need to look for a forum post.


There it is.

This is a response to someone else. Start reading at the ========== line.

This writeup is for doing everything with one microphone including making the backing track. This is to get used to how it all works. After you get comfortable with that, then you can slide in your own backing tracks.

That poster is trying to use their own Mic Preamp Pedal for overdubbing and it’s not working right. While my coffee was heating up, I set up for a perfect overdub session between my UM2 and my Mac and recorded it. About that fast including searching for a USB cable.


Re: Stream Simple Harmonica Shake And Boogie by Ain't ain't Country | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

A high-pass filter at 300Hz will remove most of the non-harmonica sounds from that.

high-pass filter suggestion.png