Muffled vocals

Hello internet. I am new to the recording process and recently discovered my recording has sudden changes in my speaking volume which lead to some muffling in my vocals. It sounds muffled, perhaps staticy? Does anyone have advice on how to fix this? I’m using audacity but would switch to another program if it fixes the problem. can send a sample as well.

There’s some sort of noise-reduction/noise-gate/echo-reduction effect being applied,
(as the signal drops to dead-silence between sentences).
That type of effect is what’s chopping off the start/end of your words.
Those effects can be applied by your OS, or zoom/skype, but they can be switched off.

You need to find out where the noise-reduction/noise-gate/echo-reduction is being applied and switch it off.

There is an old free program called levelator: it automagically evens out volume variations (made for podcasters)

Levelator was recently (2020) updated for Mac users, (me no speak Mac).