Muffled MONO Playback!

Mac with Audacity version 2.4.1, I have recorded almost 100 podcast episodes with zero issues…until this morning. I recorded my voice into a mono track (as I do always) and it came back super muffled, no settings had changed. To rule out my mic, I recorded into my Zoom recorder and discovered something really strange. When I play back the recording using the Mac, it sounds normal, when I move the stereo .wav into Audacity and playback it sounds normal, but when I delete the blank channel leaving a mono signal it gets super muffled. Since I record into a mono track I am dead in my tracks…What is going on here??? (I use and ATR 2100 mic right into the computer btw)

Hmm… And if you do Swap Stereo Channels instead of deleting the blank channel ?

DUH…I just realized the stereo powering my speakers was set to THEATER mode. An hour of my life I’ll never get back!!!

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