mts extension used by defunct midi sequencer

mts extension is usually for video type files

but a midi sequencer called MasterWorks - and other names - placed mts extension on its files

the files were midi files created on a yamaha

windows does not recognize mts files

changing the extension from mts to any of these does not work
avi - used by VLC
flv - used by VLC
wav - or to any other common audio ext

finally changing extension from mts to mid also does not work

so the question is
does Audacity or any other prog
have the capacity
to understand a midi sequencer file
that was created by this old audio prog and was given an mts extension?

If they really are MIDI files, then if you change the file extension to “.mid” they will work in any program that can play MIDI files.
If that does not work, then either the files are corrupt, or they are not MIDI files.
If they are not MIDI files, then you may need to obtain the original software / hardware that created them.

If they really are MIDI files, then if you change the file extension to “.mid” they will work

that’s probably exactly right

so then they’re not midi files

but they’re not corrupt files

they worked ok and i have hundreds of them

the process of creating them was
yamaha to midi file on computer
then midi file into the prog that made the mts files
then saving the mts files

done because the prog allowed the making of several types of fixes to the midi files

the hundreds of mts worked ok
and easily recopied into midi files

but changing from old computer to new computer
did not allow transfer of prog to new computer

so searching for some prog that will understand what that prog did to those mts

Why was that? Does the program only run on Windows XP?

If you are certain that is a “sound” file, I think it’s a sample, not midi. Samples are digital audio, not midi data. I think ffmpeg knows that format, so Audacity should be able to import it.

If it is video, VLC should be able to read it.

Why was that? Does the program only run on Windows XP?

program ran on windows 98
program was on old floppy style disc

dont know if prog would run or install on any other system
because lost floppy after install on windows 98 comp
prog files in win98 could not be directly transferred to any other computer

any new computer requires install from floppy or whatever disk equip is used by prog
but i lost the floppy

yet all files were and are on external usb
so no corruption of files can have occurred

the problem is a “read” problem

That’s a shame, because you could probably have used that.

If you search the Internet, there is a demo version of MasterTracks Pro 6.8.4 for Windows available as a free download. You could try that and see if it allows you to convert the MTS files into proper MIDI files. Most of the download links that I found look a bit suspicious, so be careful and ensure that you thoroughly virus check anything that you download. This looks like the most “official” download location that I could find, but I’ve not tested and security of your computer is not my responsibility :wink: