Mr Freeze, but only after recording (Windows)

Hi all. Hope you’re doing good. Recording audio from mic or speaker causes audacity to freeze, but only after I hit the stop button. Audacity itself loads fine from v2.3.1 to 3.3-beta in x32 or x64 bit versions (tried them all) and I can move around inside fine. I can open, edit and save files to my hearts desire. Just when I record something and then hit stop then the app freezes and I have to force quit it through task manager (windows 10). Re-opening audacity and opening the dumped file also causes a freeze. Only started happening in the last few weeks and nothing has really changed to my low spec laptop (i5 3rd gen @ 1.7 GHz, 8 Hb ram, 128 SSD, win 10) so not sure where to start. Thoughts and comments appreciated. Thanks

It is possible that a mis-match in sample rates could cause this.

Thanks jademan. Well, turning down the sample rate recording level from 48 to 44.1 seems to have done the trick, even though I’m ‘allegedly’ recording from a 48 source. Done some close listening though and my aging ears can barely tell the difference. I’ll push on with 44.1 for the time being with a bit more reading to see what, if anything, I’m sacrificing. Thanks again :smile::+1:

Ok so short lived remedy as it’s started playing up again. This time ran a compatibility check just out of interest and it suggested audacity was incompatible with windows 10 and that I should run it in compatibility mode for windows 8 … odd as this is the first this has been flagged up in the several years I’ve been using audacity on windows 10 … perhaps a sign of a dying hdd :thinking:

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