mp4 (AAC) export issue

I haven’t been able to correlate AAC exports and the export settings. For example, I’ll use the slider to export at 98 kpbs, but the export reads 330 kbps, and if I set the slider over to the right at 320 kbps, the export will show up as 459 kbps. If I export a .mp3, the file info kbps will match the export setting. I’m using v3.1.3. Any insight into this?

I almost never use AAC but I think this is a long-term “known issue”. I’m getting slightly different results. I’m getting 474kbps (checked with MediaInfo) no matter where I set the quality slider. (I’m also running version 3.1.3, on Windows 10 - 64-bit.)

However, you can get better results by choosing Custom FFmpeg Export with Format = MP4 and Codec = AAC.

When I make AAC files - for my iTunes/Ipod(s) - I:

  1. export the audio from Audacity as 16-bit WAV
  2. Import the WAS file into iTunes
  3. use iTunes to make the AAC conversion

This sidesteps the know issue that you are talking about here. Fot my use case I also need the WAV file anyway as I have a “jukebox” device with a 2TB device (a sort of mains-powered hi-fi iPod) and on there I use uncompressed audio - i.e. WAV files.

Plus I retain the WAV files as backups on 3 further 2TB USB disks (2 at home and one offsite, in another country) as I don’t want to lose all the valuable work.


Thank you Peter and DVDdoug for your insights, both of these tips are super helpful!!! :smiley: