mp3HD format?

Does Audacity support the mp3HD format? If so, how do I access it?

mp3HD is backwardly compatible with MP3 format, so it can be imported in the same way as any other MP3 file. The file extension should be “.mp3”.
File menu > Import > Audio

If I make changes to the mp3HD tracks, will the changes affect both the mp3 and mp3HD modes alike?
I have the mp3HD plug in for the WinAmp program which allows me to hear both the mp3 output and the mp3HD output by switching the plug in on or off.

Audacity will open MP3 by itself, but requires the “lame” software package to be installed in order to make an MP3. So whatever lame can do, Audacity can do. If it’s an advanced MP3 format (I think you can do a surround version now), it’s possible that the FFMpeg software may be used. That requires a question about FFMpeg, not Audacity.

The individual web pages for those two packages are primarily for developers, so if an elf happens to know…


No. Audacity does not export MP3HD.
You would be better to use a third party conversion tool to convert the MP3HD to WAV, edit in Audacity and export as WAV, then use the third party conversion tool to convert back to MP3HD if you need it to be in that format.

Thanks! I’ll use that method.
Are there any “plug ins” available to allow Audacity to work with mp3HD files?

Audacity does not work directly on files. When you import (open) an audio file, the audio data is copied into Audacity as uncompressed PCM data. Any editing or processing that is done in Audacity is on this PCM data. So no there are no plug-ins that are specific to MP3HD or any other file type because Audacity is not working on the file, it is working on the imported data.