MP3 would not upload

I recently was trying to edit some pre-made audio on Audacity, but my ‘mp3’ files would not upload. I downloaded the same file as a WAV and they uploaded. Anybody that can help?
(I have not installed the latest update, as I think that was made for only MAC OS. Do I need to download it too?)

What exactly do you mean?
“Upload” usually means: “to move a file from your local computer to a remote server”.

but my ‘mp3’ files would not upload.

You may not need the quotes if you tell Windows to stop hiding filename extensions. Extensions are a bother and a confusion for normal production, so Windows hides them “to help you.”

MySoundFile.mp3 → MySoundFile

That’s dandy until something goes wrong and you really need to know what you have there.

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 10.48.13 AM.png
MySoundFile → MySoundFile.mp3

You might join a long list of people who find their “.mp3” file is really “.m4a” or other file type and that’s why you’ve been having so many problems.