mp3 weird problem

I didn’t created the song on audacity I recorded the song at my friend house I forgot what application he used to record my vocals on da beat. All I wanted to know if I could of fixed his problem on audacity but thank you all ur help and sugguestion

The proper way to fix the problem would be in the original multi-track project (on your friend’s computer, but it still may be possible to make a reasonable repair in Audacity.
Your first post suggests that the problem is only on the first verse. I’m wondering why that is. Are your vocals only on the first verse?

Yes on the first verse and I was talking on da end of the track but funny enough my talking bit comes out fine and the one verse I did it blanks out that weird

Could you post a short extract of the bad verse. See here for how to post audio samples:
5 or 6 seconds in WAV format will be enough.

Ok I’m do that now and send it to u my friend

Thank you for all your help guys I have fixed the problem what I did was that I imported the MP3 file in audacity and then what I did was that I added a new audio track channel and then on the mp3 file selected all the whole wave and clicked copy and then paste it onto the new audio track channel I’d created and then removed the mp3 file and kept the new audio track with the wave and then exported as a mp3 and bang it works perfect and plays fine on my phone and I even uploaded the video on youtube and it perfect. Thank you guys for all ur work god bless you all