mp3 weird problem

Hello guys what a wondeful site got a major problem I recorded a song at my friends house when I play it on my computer from audacity or my home system. It works fine but when I move the mp3 file of the song on my phone and I uploaded it on youtube the first verse vocals blanked out and only the beat was playing and the hook on the song came out and when I was talking on the end of the track that came out weirdly enough and when I play it through the headphone it works fine and I can hear all the lyrics is there something I can do on audacity to fix this problem. Many thanks

Where is it so we can listen?

I took it off youtube do you want me to send you the mp3?

We’re only good for tiny files on the forum.

Damn what ur email I would send it to you the Mp3

Sounds like you may have accidentally created a karaoke version : aka “centre pan removal” , aka “vocal removal”, by inverting one of the stereo tracks.

na i haven’t inverted one of the tracks. As a test I did invert one of the tracks then my first verse came out, but then the beat was watered down and the hook came out then my talking at the end blanked out now. This is very weird lol it hurting my head I just want to know if there anything I can do to fix it on audactiy

Damn is there anyway I could fix this guys?

You said in your original post that it plays fine in Audacity. Is this still true? If you export it as 16bit PCM WAV does that wav file playback OK in a media player (Windows Media Player for example)? If the WAV file plays back OK in a media player, export an MP3 file and try playing that in a media player. Does that play back OK? Do not use your phone or Youtube in all this. Just use your home system. The object of this to find out at what point the apparent corruption first makes its appearance.

I’m try what you said and I let you know what happens

Did everything you said all perfect works on my home system plays in windows media player and audacity.

Maybe YouTube converts stereo to mono to save bandwidth in some display options …

or only converts one channel on the video …

Is there no other way I can fix this problem?

As we can’t hear the file and cannot examine it, we can only guess at what the problem might be.
Do other files work correctly? Is it just this one song that has the problem? Where did this song come from?

Yh other songs work perfect only this song and where it came from I recorded it at my friend house.

As an experiment, what happens if you convert the song to mono (Tracks menu > Stereo Track to Mono)?

When I put it in mono it blanks out I get no vocals just the beat

Then your vocals have inverted phase in one channel.
Do you still have a multi-track copy with the vocals on a separate track from the beat?

No I don’t think so how do I check if I do have one or not?

Did you ever do a “File > Save Project” or “File > Save Project As” whilst working on this song? If so, you need to find the .aup file that Audacity created and open that file into Audacity. If you never did either of those then you almost certainly don’t have the necessary multi-track file that Steve mentioned.