MP3 & Tracks (not Audacity Tracks)

Hello all
Like a lot of people on here I’m transferring my aged vinyl collection to MP3. Most of it is popular, rock & blues music from the 1960’s & 70/80’s. Very often with this era, while there might be two tracks/songs on the vinyl (& you can see the transition on the LP between the tracks) this is occupied by sound or some linking of instruments between the two songs. Think Sergeant Pepper as an example of what I mean.
Chopping into tracks is a bit crude & I have considered fading out/in for separating these sort of tracks. If this were a commercially produced CD, whatever data it is that is inserted would allow you to go straight to the start of the “follow-on” song without destroying the “artistic” link (Just like the Sgt. Pepper CD). If you wanted to hear the linking sounds or instruments you’d just play the album in it’s entirety.
What I suppose I seek is some way of inserting a marker of some kind that will stay with the MP3 export & that a player like Windows Media Player or Real Player etc. would be able to see as a separate song.
Or is this something that is just not possible with MP3 files, & I will have to use some sort of fade in/out techniques?

MP3 files always have a short bit of silence at the beginning of the file. It is a limitation of the file format.
Some MP3 players can automatically make a short cross-fade from one file to the next, or adjust automatically to remove that bit of silence for “seemless” MP3 playback.
I think that WinAmp can do the cross-fade, though I’m not sure if it can do the “seemless MP3” thing.
Some hardware MP3 players can do both.

If you need help splitting recordings into separate tracks, see here: Missing features - Audacity Support