MP3 stream is cut off when importing into Audacity

I do not know if this is the correct place in the forum if not please inform and I will reopen in correct place.

When importing a certain song into Audacity the stram is cut off at a certain point. The song has a lengt of 2:52 minutes but when imported the stream is onlu 1:22 minutes long. When I play the song in a music player it will play the correct length. But I do not understand why it is cutt off after a certain point when importing into Audacity. Can anybody give some advise how to fix the problem.

I have diagnosed the file with mp3 Diags and there I think there are differences between this file and correct files but I do not know how to fix it.

Assuming that you mean that the problem occurs with just this one MP3 and not others, my guess is that the MP3 contains invalid (corrupt) data.
You could try converting the file to WAV format first using other tools (I’ve just tried this on-line converter which seems to work OK: