MP3 sampling rates and my mp3 player


I made an mp3 of my music sampled at 96kbps and 22 KHz with Audacity

My MP3 player says it will only play MP3s at 32, 44.01 or 48 KHZ

I 'd like to res-ample my mp3,at 44 KHZ? But how do I get exactly 44.01 KHZ?

Sorry, but I’m new to digital technology.

Thanks in advance!

Should be 44.1 kHz and not 44.01…

The standard sampling rate for cds is 44.1 kHz and for dvds is 48 kHz
Lower than that is not very recommend, if you want fairly decent sound quality.
As for mp3 bitrate, 96kbps is not very good quality either… a minimum of 128kbps would be better (and preferrably 192kbps or more).

In audacity to change the sampling rate (assuming you’re using version 1.3.12), go to preferences → quality → Default sample rate and select 44100 Hz.

To convert your existing mp3 - open the mp3 in audacity and at the left lower corner you should see the Project Rate, which will probably show 22 kHz. Click there and change to 44100. Then export.