MP3 Query!

I have created an audacity file from a TtoMP3 converter (from an Audio cassette) and wish to know how to convert the file to MP3, and how do I then export it to my MP3 Player, and also to a blank CD?

I downloaded Audacity as I was having problems with the software provided by the converter, but it appears that Audacity is far more complicated to use!

See this page in the manual:

and this FAQ:

And this page in the Wiki:


Many thanks for reply, but as I’m getting on in years (mid 70’s) and have no difficulty with Desktop Publishing, surfing the net, emails and photo manipulation etc, I feel tape cassette conversion to MP3 is not really worth all this effort!
It just goes to prove that (once again) advertising blurbs re the ease with which these things can be accomplished should be taken with a pinch-of-salt!