MP3 player

I have SanDisk MP3 where I loaded a number of songs and filled up the system. After using it and playing a number of songs, I now get a message that “memory is full connect to PC to delete more than 20 M contents”. I have connect to my PC and tried this but nothing happens, no messages or instructions. How do I get the MP3 player working again? I have charged it to no avail.
Appreciate any help.



This is the Audacity forum and your question/problem has nothing to do with Audacity.

I don’t have a SanDisk player, but apparently it should show-up as a hard drive on your computer and you should be able to delete songs using Windows Explorer the same way you’d remove any other files from any other drive.

If it’s not showing-up like a hard drive, maybe I’m wrong or maybe it’s broken.