this has more than likely been asked and it is more than likely very simple to all you experts,to me being a dumb bugger its not.
i have an audio book that has been broken down into 6 cd with 15mp3 tracks on each disk. i want to join the 15 tracks and make it one track then call it something then put it on my mp3 player
any help would be great
on ubuntu 12.04 and looks like Audacity 2.0.0

Try MP3wrap
It is probably available through the package manager (Software Center)

I want to see if i can do it with Audacity if it can be done
i do not want to us terminal, i have no idea how to use it i, can only use it with copy and paste

With Audacity:

  1. Import the MP3’s. They will appear as tracks one above the other.
  2. Use the Time Shift Tool to slide the tracks left right so that they are in the time order that you want
  3. Export as MP3

Note: the disadvantage of using Audacity is that Audacity always works with uncompressed audio data. This means that the MP3s must be decoded, then when exported they are re-encoded. MP3 encoding always loses some sound quality.

The advantage of MP3wrap is that it can concatenate the MP3s without decoding them, so they do not need to be re-encoded, so there is no loss of sound quality. Try not to be scared of the terminal :wink: there’s a lot of cool stuff that you can do from the command line that can’t be done in a graphical environment. I’ve not used mp3wrap, but from the manual it looks pretty straightforward