Mp3 Metadata tag: "Genre"?

(I hope this is not a dupe, it’s my second submission, …again. Re-sign in, blank screen, re-enter text. spit)

For Metadata Tags: “Genre,” there is a drop-down selection: Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass, etc, it might be a standardized list? Most audio editors have that. (I notice that has a list of 125, …even “Booty Bass,” ISYN.) One can also type in what’s not on the list, --such as Speech, News, Birdsongs, Wildlife; Nature, Notes, Sports, Machinery, …whatever.

I know much software does standardize some tags, such as track and title, for sorting, and so on. …super annoying when they don’t ask first. (OF COURSE software knows better than me!)

My question is, is Genre a standardized list? If so, how is it used? I’m kinda afraid to type in stuff and disturb the almighty MP3 Standards Gods, if any. (DELETE or mislabel?) So I’ll often leave it blank. Am I being paranoid? Thoughts?

There’s a standard list for id3 v1:

id3 v2 is an “informal standard”, which means there’s really no guarantee that any two organizations will do things exactly the same way, though they will usually be more or less like this:

I see no “Caution!” signs.
So I’m guessing most software will not use Genre to rearrange or mess with my recordings (without asking).