MP3 M4A files not exporting correctly.

I’ve added both Lame addons to export MP3 files and M4A files. In the past I had no issues exporting episodes of a podcast to MP3 or M4A. However just recently my filex will export, no error message but the files are saving as “File” for Mp3 and 01 File for MA4 as the type. Its not saving as a .mp3 or a .M4A

Here is an example of how its saving:

Audacity uses Lame for MP3 export.
Audacity uses FFmpeg for M4A export.

Don’t use the dot (“.”) character in file names.
If you enter a file name as (for example)
Ep 01
and then export as an MP3 file, then Audacity will automatically add the .mp3 file extension so that the name becomes:
Ep 01.mp3

By default, Windows hides the file extension for known file types (just to confuse people :imp: )

If you enter the file name as:
Ep 01.mp3
then Audacity sees the dot and realises that you have already added the file extension, so Audacity exports the file as:
Ep 01.mp3
(Audacity does not add an extra “.mp3”)

If you enter the file name as:
Ep .01
Then Audacity will think “That’s odd. He has entered “.01” as the file extension”.
Audacity will ask you if you meant to do that.
If you reply “Yes”, then Audacity will think “OK, if that’s what you want”, and will save the file as:
Ep .01
but then the file will not be recognised by other programs because “.01” is not a valid file extension for MP3 files.

The moral of the story - Don’t use dots in file names.
Ideally, avoid all “special” characters in file names.
“Safe” characters to use in file names are letters, numbers, space, underline and hyphen.
(spaces are not always safe, so to be really safe, use underscore rather than space).

Thank you very much Im giving this a try right now…

You can also read this FAQ to see exactly which characters that Windows reserves for the operating system, so doesn’t allow you to use.