mp3 issues

I am having an issue saving a project as an mp3 file. I go through the process of saving it as an mp3 file and selecting the right format etc. When i view it in a folder it’s not a .mp3 file, it’s just a file. I have the latest version of lame encoder installed and in the plugins folder in the app data for audacity. Yet it still will not save as an .mp3 file. What have I done wrong?

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Note that to create an MP3 file you must “export” from Audacity. The “save” command only produces Audacity projects, not audio files.

If you used the File > Export or similar command to export MP3 and Explorer shows just “File” then you probably added a dot (period) into the file name, and ignored the warning Audacity gave that you may not be able to play the file.

If you want to put a dot in the file name, add


after the end of the name before exporting.