mp3 importing part of file

audacity 2.0.2

Os is Windows Vista and xp

importing mp3s to edit them and only part of the mp3s are loading like out of a 2 hour clip only 45mins at the highest and 1.5mins in the lowest. anybody know or ever hear of this?

Are your computers chronically short of disk space on any of their hard drives?

Audacity does not edit MP3. What it does is convert incoming MP3 to its own powerful, large internal format and edit that. So the tiny, efficient, compressed MP3 balloons to a huge file on import. How much room do you have on your computer?


the vista (desktop) has 146gb total and 26.5gb free

xp1 (desktop) has 74.5gb total and 42.1gb free

xp2 (laptop) 13.6gb total and 8.0gb free

vista2 103gb total and 74.5gb free

xp3 18.6gb total and 4.6gb free

on the ones without space a pop up will appear saying there is a error writting autosave file

Which versions of Audacity are you using? (look in “Help > About Audacity”)

audacity 2.0.2

Well there’s a couple of your machines that are definitely low on disk space. 2 hours of audio is likely to expand to around 3 GB of audio data.

So are you seeing the same problem on all machines?
Where have these MP3 files come from?

simalar problem with them yes

the mp3 files came from casset tapes that i recorded with the total recorder program, i set them to a auto stop/save feature, and have them on a auto flipper tape deck theres always a gap in between side a and b when it is recorded

just tryed opening a one of the files on a diffent computer and its all there.

What do you have the file on - a USB memory stick?
Can you try that same file on one of the other computers (not the ones with very little disk space).

yes gonna try it now

most of the files are on flash driver 4 transportation

that one file is workng on the other puters but ive tryed alot of diffent files on these pc’s so i dont think its a file issue

im gonna uninstall and reinstall Audacity and see what that does

It will probably not have any effect unless you check the box “Reset Preferences” in the installer. That reset is worth trying.


well found out the files in was useing where corrupted files thats y Audacity was doing what it did opps