MP3 files with WAV extension

Hi, I have a bunch of wav files I downloaded from Audacity tells me it does not recognize the “type” of file (wav) even though these wavs will play fine in microsoft media player. Also, audacity does not seem to have a problem with wav files from another source. Is there something about Soundforge that I should know?

Thanks for any imput

If you tell us how you downloaded WAV files from we may be able to tell you more.


BIMFR :blush: Very Sorry. I meant…not…not even sure where that came from. Same question…different site name.

(See boys and girls, this is what happens when you spend long hours sniffing solder fumes)

And to further answer your question, I click on the WAV name, it opens in Microsoft Media player and then I click File → Save Media as…

Try right clicking on the link and select “Save As” (or whatever the equivalent in your web browser).

The site “” is just a holding page. Assuming you mean their files seem to be MP3 files with a RIFF WAV header; they are WAV extension but contain MP3 compressed audio. Our default WAV importer does not handle MP3’s but unfortunately the file does not get passed onto the MP3 importer as it should.

To import these into Audacity, rename them to MP3, or use File > Import > Audio and choose “MP3 files” in the “Files of type” drop-down to force Audacity use the MP3 importer.

Alternatively, install FFmpeg then FFmpeg will take the file even if you use File > Open or drag the file in.


Changing the name worked perfectly. Thank all very much. Funny how simple and straight forward a solution can be.