MP3 files saving as AIFF suffix

I have a project xyz.aup with xyz_data directory holding the data.
I also have xyz.mp3 which is the last exported file from this project.

Every time I want to re-export (and overwrite) the xyz.mp3 file it appends .aiff on the file name (although it keeps it as saving a mp3 file format)

Is there an option anywhere to switch this off as I do not want it to save with this extension please …
AND when I leave the name with .aiff extension (to see what will happen) it wont allow me to anyway as I am saving it as an MP3 format

Can you anyone help and explain please

Thank you for your hard work :¬)


I think that’s a bug that has been fixed in later versions of Audacity.
Does it export correctly if you include “.mp3” in the export file name? (enter the name as “xyz.mp3” rather than “xyz”)

I understand - thank you

Yes it exports correctly if I leave it as xyz OR if I use xyz.mp3

thanks for your help :¬)