MP3 files not being recognised

Hi there,

When importing MP3 files recorded on my voice recorder, audacity imports it, but it won’t accept the file to be exported as a different MP3 file size or other audio format. When trying to export as MP3 for example I get a message saying that this file doesn’t end with .mp3 and so won’t be recognised by other softwares. The thing is the file does end with .mp3 and somehow it’s not recognising that. When I do go through with the export with output settings for mp3 etc the output file generated is a textedit file.

However, if I convert the same files to different mp3 file sizes through the macros/mp3 batch conversion tool it does accept the files and converts them to functioning mp3 files.

Why would my files not be accepted through the general exporter?

Do you have the latest version of Audacity (2.3.2)?

If not, try upgrading. MP3 encoding is now “built in” and it’s more foolproof.