MP3 file size after editing

I have Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.2 installed from exe installer.
My original MP3 file is 2.7M. Project rate is 22050.
When I cut 20 seconds from the original file and export the result with the same Project Rate, the new MP3 file will be 4.9M.
If I reduce the Project Rate, I can get smaller size file but the quality is reduced as well.
Any solution for this issue?
Thanks in advance.

MP3 encoding is always a trade off between file size and sound quality. The smaller the file size the worse the quality.
Use the “Options” button in the Export dialogue screen to select the MP3 format that you want - bigger “kbps” numbers will produce larger files but will do less damage to the sound quality. MP3 encoding always does some damage to the sound quality.
See here for details:

MP3 damage is cumulative. Each time you edit an MP3, the sound quality goes down and you can’t stop it. Each pass, you are compressing the original music plus all the damage that came before.

If you want simple editing or cutting, you might try an actual MP3 editor that doesn’t work that way such as mp3splt.


Hi Steve ans Kozikowsky,
Thank you for your time and attention.
mp3splt worked perfectly and did the job I expected.

All the best