MP3 File Name / options Prefix

For weekly audio recording projects of similar nature to be exported into MP3s:
IHow to pre-fixing the file name with Audacity automatically filling the date into the chain, with the same pre-fixed option, e.g. file name, directory, file parameters etc (44Hz; 33bit; mono?)

Can we record a macro for Audacity of the purpose?


You don’t need a macro - you can do it with Audacity.

Go to Edit > Preferences and select the Recording pane.

You will see options there for adding date and/or time to the start of new track names. See the bottom of this page in the Manual:


Set up in Edit Preference Recording etc,
but Not working? for save project nor Export to MP3.
Shut down, re-boot, still not working.

Hmmm see what you mean.

a) for a start the daye and time come after the trackname and don’t prefix it.

b) what you can do is to use File > Export Multiple and choose the option to export by tracks rather than labels (nut you will need more than one track for this to work - so you may need a dummy track that you can delete after the export.


Edit → Preference → Recording → Naming newly recorded tracks " Track Name_ Date"
Edit → Preference → Tracks Default Track Name " _x_x"

Tracks → add New
a second dummy track added
Tracks are automatically labelled
Top " Track Name_ Date"
Btm “_x_x”

Export multiple .MP3 (* using Label/Track Name)
Deleted the dummy _X_X file.


Glad to be able to find a way to make that work for you :sunglasses: