mp3 exports way too long [SOLVED]

I’ve been using audacity and the lame encoder successfully for years to rip my old vinyl to mp3s. After recording the album into audacity, I add labels for each track/song, then export using lame. Recently, I’ve started to have a problem where, when I export to mp3, the first few songs/tracks are VERY long (1 hour plus) with lots of dead/blank space at the end. It’s as if the lame encoder is not recognizing the labels correctly. In my most recent try, the first track is 1:20+, the second is 1:17+, and the length of subsequent tracks gets progressively shorter, as if we’re counting backwards. Any advice?

Please don’t forget to tell us what version of Audacity you are using (all three numbers, see the pink panel at the top of the page).

I think you are describing a bug that is in recent Audacity versions including the current 2.1.2. It usually happens if you export multiple with multiple Audacity tracks on top of each other as well as labels and some of the audio starts after time 0.0 so there is white space at the start.

The solution is to only use labels, or export multiple by tracks with no labels, or to Tracks > Mix and Render before export.


Gale, thanks for the guidance. Blank space at the beginning wasn’t the issue. But I did have several stacked tracks. Once I consolidated them into one track and exported multiple by label, it worked. Wonderful!