MP3 exporting old mix

I’ve downloaded the latest version but now find that if I remix a track and then re-export it as an MP3 it saves as the original mix of the track. It’s almost as if it isn’t over writing the originally exported MP3 even though it prompts you to OK the overwrite.

Testing on W10 with 3.3.2 - I cannot reproduce this, overwriting the pre-existing MP£ file works fine for me.


What if you export as a new file with a different name or to a different folder?

Are you making obvious or drastic changes? If you do something like Amplify by -20dB the new or overwritten file will be obviously quieter.

It’s kind of dangerous to overwrite a file anyway unless you have a backup.

It does seem that I have to use a different file name. As you say, it’s probably best not to over-write old files anyway.

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