I tried to export my audacity project as mp3-file. Therefore I had to install the lame encoder what I did. But the file created is not an mp3 it is a “SEITE”-file which obviously cannot be imported into iTunes. What is my mistake?

I probably would Export from Audacity as a high quality WAV file (Audacity default) and make iTunes convert it.

If your job is to create work for your portable music player, then if Audacity converts it, you might get stuck with two conversions. If the music started with MP3, then three. Each conversion causes more sound damage. MP3 small sound files aren’t “free.” They make music rattier as you go.


Presumably you added a dot into the file name before “SEITE” then ignored the warning Audacity gave you about that.

If you add a dot in the file name, and a final dot and “mp3” (without quotes) at the end. See


Thank you for the answers! I exported it as a WAV-file and was able to import this into iTunes.