MP3 Export time is insane [SOLVED]

I have a collection of audio tracks that runs about 90 mins all-told - when I go to export the full audio the time remaining goes up and up and up until it’s supposed to take well over 18 hours to export an mp3 - an obscene amount of time. If I try to export individual tracks (90 mins themelves), the audio exports in a few reasonable minutes - it’s all when I try and export everything at once that Audacity drags its feet into oblivion.

I found a Reddit thread from about a year back that said “Did you try to export a short track and a long track mixed down together? I found this lovely “feature” recently. If you generate silence in the short track so it’s the same length as the long track it will take as long as you would expect.” It neglected, however, to explain how to do this.

What’s causing my problem, is this solution, and how to I make that solution happen - or fix this problem so I don’t have to do the solution?

Which version of Audacity are you using? (look in: “Audacity menu > About Audacity”)

Woops! I was going to tell you “the latest version” because the first thing I did when I noticed the problem yesterday was install an updated copy, but it seems like I just ended-up installing two separate instances of Audcaity and was still using the old one. Using the new one seems to have resolved the problem - the mp3 is exporting in a far more reasonable six minutes. Sorry to trouble you.