MP3 Export problem

Hi. I am using Audacity 2.0.3 (installed from .exe) on Windows 7. I have an MP3 file that I have made labels in, and when I export multiple, based on labels to 128k constant bitrate stereo MP3 files, there is a small audio “pop” or glitch at the beginning (about 1-2 seconds in) of SOME (most) of the exported files. This pop is not in the source file, and does not occur when I export to wav. Any thoughts???


Was this an existing MP3 file that you’re editing to achieve some production effect?

It’s an existing MP3 with multiple takes of a voiceover. I’m trying to export the takes to individual MP3s.

Try importing the file again then Effect > Normalize with “Remove any DC offset…” checked.

DC offset can cause clicks on edit or export, especially if exporting to lossy formats like MP3.


Thanks for the response. I did that and I am still getting the pop. I’ve attached a bit of the export. You can hear the dropout (or whatever it is) after he says “Here’s the.” It only happens in MP3 exports, and only happens at the beginning of the file.

I’m not sure exactly what you are referring to, but does this file have the same problem?