MP3 Export doesn't save

After I import an MP3 file, edit, and then export it back to an MP3, it asks if I want to overwrite the old MP3 and it goes and acts as though it is converting it. However, when I go to supposed newly edited file it is the unedited one. I’ve double-checked where it is being saved, but as I am being asked if I want to overwrite it shouldn’t being showing up anywhere but the original location. I’ve updated to 2.3.2 and I have deleted the older version. I am running the current Mojave on a MacBook Air.

I cannot verify this. Have you imported the edited file to make sure that it does not contain your edits?

Try this. Make a copy of the file you’re going to edit. Import, edit and export the original. Close the Audacity project. Open a new project and import both the copy of the original, and the edited version, and compare them.

– Bill