MP3 encoder problem?

Hi, I’m new to this,sorry. I can’t see anything to help in the FAQs, so I’m hoping someone can help here.

I’m trying to convert cassette tapes to mp3, using a small device sold for this purpose from EnVivo. I installed the included audacity version 1.2.6, set the input recording levels as advised and trried to record some music. It didn’t sound very good. So I decided to uninstall audacity and download an updated version which was 2.0.2. I also downloaded the Lame mp3 plugin,version I recorded the tape, added labels for each track and tried to export multiple as mp3. I got a message saying, “unable to open target file for writing” followed by another message saying " export canceled after exporting the following 0 file(s)". I have been to help and can only assume that as I had an earlier version of Lame, that this is causing problems. I can export as a single file, so I’m a bit confused. Any help would be appreciated greatly.


That means that you are trying to write the files somewhere that it is not possible to write.
Check that the location that you are trying to export the files to is a folder that exists and you have write permissions for that location.