Mp3 device won't play file

I have a Zune mp3 player. I record books that I can’t find for download for example into Audacity and convert them to MP3’s and put them on my device. I have a recent 5.5 hour file that I cannot play on my device. It does convert. I do have an MP3 file in my computer folder. It does play on my computer, both using the Zune software and Windows media player. But when I put it onto my device it says the file has zero time on it and it won’t play. Or it shows it as a 5+ hour ‘song’ but it won’t play it. This is not the first book I have recorded, but this is the first file that has refused to work.

Perhaps the file is too big for your player?

I also contacted Microsoft support about this issue, since Zune is a Microsoft device. They thought that the noise reduction I used to delete the background noise may have been the problem. " some software likes to implement coding to a audio file that is not visual but that can cause the issue" I re-recorded the content and converted it without the noise reduction, and it works just fine.


Are you saying you used noise reduction in Audacity, then exported to MP3… That MP3 played OK on the computer but failed on the Zune?

That should not happen… If noise reduction has any effect on MP3 encoding, it should make the encoding “easier”. I don’t see how a noise-reduced file can cause LAME to generate a corrupt MP3…

Is there anything else you did not do that you did before, like add metadata to the exported file?


I also tried to amplify it, since just my spoken voice is soft, I usually have to turn my volume on my device nearly all the way up to hear properly.

Make sure you are using Audacity 2.0.3 from here . You can check your current version at Help > About Audacity.

I think there is some reason other than Noise Removal.