MP3 Compression

Hi, I’m a bird of very little brain. Been using Audacity for YEARS for my church sermons on XP. Have just gone to Windows 8 and downloaded the latest Audacity yesterday. Brounght in the LAME MP3 Encoder, but for the life of me I can’t see how I now set my compression rate on this new Audacity. Have been through all of the Preferences. It insists on compressing at 128, and I need to get it down to 32. Can anyone help? :question:

It’s available from the Options button in the export dialogs.



On a side note, IMHO 32 kbps is way too low for MP3.
If you really want 32 then use Vorbis or AAC. If you really want MP3 then use a higher bitrate, 48 being a minimum, 64 is better. Just my two cents.

32 is the lowest possible useable bitrate for mono MP3.

Thanks guys! Really obvious when you know where to look! 32 works fine for us - it’s only speech, and always Mono. I also think that MP3 is the only format supported by my web-engine.

Many thanks for all contributions!! :smiley: