Mp3 and WAV export won't play with Windows Media Player, etc

Upon exporting to either Mp3 or WAV formats I get no sound using Windows Media Player, Real Player or Amazing Slowdowner. The file shows that time is elapsing but there is no sound. The files play when opened with Audacity.



Chuck Barnett

Do other files play?

Good question. Yes, they do.

I forgot to specify: Windows 7 with the most current Audacity version.

What sample rate are you using in Audacity?

Thanks, Steve. I don’t know enough about the program to know. Just working with its defaults.

Well, okay. Now I feel foolish. I’ve tried those files again and they play! I have done nothing by way of changing settings, etc. so I have no explanation for this. Problem solved! :confused: :blush:

Thanks again,

Sorry for the waste of you time…

Chuck Barnett

No problem. Glad they’re working.