MP 3 play back of Soundblock content is not legible

I am operating on Audacity version number 2.1.3.FFmpeg Library version F(55.33.100), C(55.22.102), U (52.66.100). MP3 Library version: LAME 3.99.3.
Attempting to playback Soundtrack content using “Import/Raw” resulted in a quick garbled unintelligible sound. Attempting to playback the same Soundtrack content using “Import/Audio” results in the following error messages; (1) try installing FFmpeg for uncompressed files, also try file > import > Raw data and (2) Audacity did not recognize the type of file the file C:\users\lee evans\documents\royalty free stock music - story blocks audio_files \ audio . mp3.
Please help.

Is that the actual name, with spaces either side of the dot?
An MP3 file should be named with “.mp3” at the end (no spaces).

MP3 is not “Raw” audio and cannot be imported as Raw. It has to be properly decoded, which should happen automatically when the file extension is correct.

Audio.mp3 has no space in between.

Does the file that you are trying to import play in any media player?
Could the file be DRM protected? (

All media players attempted have been none responsive. Soundblocks content has no copyright restrictions.

Seems like the file is corrupt or damaged.

If the file is corrupted what are my options?

Get another copy of the audio that will play.

Good suggestion, I was thinking about doing just that. Thanks.

I have attempted to import and play new content, this also resulted in playback which was not legible.

Are you able to import and play this MP3? (it’s just a 30 second “chirp”)

Frequency check from high to low, perfect.

OK, so that tells us that there is no problem with properly formed MP3 files.
If you are a paying member of Storyblocks, I suggest that you take the matter up with them.

Will do. I am also considering trying some other source for free audio content.