Moving without erasing, equipment setup

This is my first time using this. When I tried to record some audio I had a problem navigating back and forth. There was a section I messed up, and went back to erase it and re-record. However, I accidentally erased the entire previous 3 minutes I had recorded. Now I have to re-record the entire thing. Also: How do I start recording at the end of where I left off. It wants to make a new track, which I guess is ok, but how do I move it up to the track I previously recorded anc connect them? What is the basic equipment setup? When I have my speakers turned on, I get feedback. When I turn them off, do I have to listen to the playback in a headset, or turn the speakers back each time? It’s kinda wonky.

Shift-Record. Note there is a toggle option for this Edit > Preferences > Recording > Record on a new Track

Try Edit > Undo…

Tracks > Align Tracks > End-to-End, then Tracks > Mix and Render

Yes. That is correct.

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