Moving voices from right to left

Springline Radio Players us PodBean to host our audio plays -
How do to edit the voice so that it sounds as if the actor was moving across the room - moving from speaker on the right to the centre and then to the left.
We can set up our actors so that they sound as those they come from a fixed position but how do we get the sound to move?

You have actors?
Do you also have a sound technician and a mixing desk?

How is he “moving”? Walking? On a skateboard?

moving from speaker on the right to the centre and then to the left.

That’s not as theatrically desirable as you think. That specific effect will sound really disorienting if the audience is listening on headphones. Real Life doesn’t go all the way across like that. You can tell when someone is listening on headphones because their head will try to follow the voice.

Do you have the moving performer on their own track? If you do, you can put the performer on two tracks and then fade from one side to the other with the tool of your choice. Clever manipulation of the envelope tools comes to mind.

If the performer is part of a mixed show, you’re dead. Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments or sounds.

As Steve above, if you’re live mixing a show, coordinate between the recording engineer and the performer to walk between two microphones.

There is one movie lesson here. In a 5.1 Dolby Digital movie, almost all the dialog comes from the single center channel.

In the dawn of FM stereo, all the stations rushed to put in two microphones for the DJ. And then they rushed to take them out. It didn’t sound at all natural. DJs always have a single, mono, center microphone.