Moving tracks with 3.3.3


Task: Adding in intro and outro music to an Audacity file

1-I’ve recorded a podcast where I want to insert a intro/outro music jingle

2-I added the [WAV format] intro music jingle to my podcast [aup.3 format], and it defaults to the beginning of my podcast…all good

3-I then added the [WAV format] outro music to my podcast [aup.3 format]

My problem, how do I move the [WAV format] outro music to the end of my podcast?

Audacity used to have the TIME SHIFT TOOL, and then removed it. You could line up your tracks and save as a WAV. How do you do this step in version 3.3.3?

I did find a YouTube file that showed how to move audio tracks

How to Move Tracks in Audacity: Step by Step Guide to Moving Audio Tracks in Audacity 3.1

Apparently I can’t find a way to move a [WAV format] file.

Can anyone out there offer a solution? I’m using Audacity 3.3.3

Thank you

Yes, so this was changed in Audacity 3.1 as per this “official” video:

This is not an issue as once you import a [WAV format] file into Audacity, it just becomes another audio clip.

3.3.3 will exhibit the same behavior as 3.1.

Doesn’t answer or solve my problem. Thank you anyway for your help. Still like Audacity but the changes appear to make it less user friendly.

Perhaps someone else will come by with a more palatable answer for you. :grinning:

All good Jademan. I’ll figure it out.

Again, appreciate the help

What happens if you try doing what the instructions show in the video you posted? That is, grab the audio clip by its handle and drag it to where you want it?

If that fails, can you post a screenshot of your Audacity session so we can see what you see?

Unbelievable, that solved the problem. Thank you very much!!!

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