Moving the selection boundaries while playback is underway

While Audacity is playing back a selection, I can move the start and end of the selection with the mouse, but those changes don’t take effect until after I stop playback and start it again.

It would be really nice if changes to these selection boundaries could be respected “live” - that way I could loop it playing a selection and incrementally adjust the start and/or end until I hear exactly what I want.

(If you are concerned about changing behaviour that the existing user base is accustomed to, you could make the live boundaries behaviour a preference option that defaults to OFF) :wink:

The closest that we get to that at present is in “Quick Loop Play” (

Updating loop regions on the fly is very tricky as Audacity is running in parallel threads for display, audio I/O, and disk I/O, all of which have to be kept synchronised. This is an area that is being looked into, but as yet it is not possible in Audacity.