moving the music

i’m using Audacity stricly for my own entertainment. i edit psychedellic songs to make them even more trippy. but i cant seem to be able to move the files to a CD or to Movie maker (so i can put it on YouTube) or any other program for that matter. is this allowed? and how could i do this? (sorry if this is in the wrong spot) e-mail me at:

Try this page from the Audacity Wiki:

If you are posting other people’s copyrighted material - even if you alter it - you are likely to be in breach of copyright law in most countries. But then YouTube is full of illlegally posted material - so it would be “at your own risk” - just be aware the the IPR copyright owners are keen to pursue illegal postings on Youtube - Google (who own YouTube) are being required to provide detaiails of violations and violators.