Moving Static Clicks

In a podcast segment I just recorded I notice a number of static-y clicks in my audio. However, when I go to replay the clicks pop up in different spots in the audio. This leads me to believe my playback settings may be amiss, but can’t seem to isolate the problem. Any ideas? Thanks!

Version of Audacity? What playback Device - make and model number and how does it connect to the computer?

If it’s a USB device, Windows key, Power button, hold Shift on your computer keyboard then click Shut down. USB devices won’t play and record for ever without a cold boot.

Whatever device you have, you could try increasing “Audio to buffer” in Audacity’s Recording Preferences (it affects playback too).


But, you’re right. If the problem moves around, the show is probably OK.

If it’s a laptop, disconnect everything and see if the built-in speakers work OK.


I also experience this problem.

I find it comes in after a couple of minutes recording and it cant be tracked when recording. Can it be removed in the edit? Is there a effect that can help?

If the clicks are in different places each time you play the recording, then it’s a playback problem,
If that’s not the case, please start a new topic and include details of what you are trying to record, what equipment you are using, what operating system, and which version of Audacity.