moving sound from speaker to speaker

I’ve looked around for this tip and couldn’t find it. I want to be able to, while recording my voice, have it smoothly move around from speaker to speaker. Can you move a vocal so that it sounds like it is moving, let’s say, from your right ear, out in front of you and then only in the left ear? Or make it sound like the voice is moving behind you from one ear to the other?


Keith aka CaptJack

What your talking about is “panning automation” which Audacity does not support. Also you cannot do it while recording, but can do something after you have recorded the voice. Also, it is not possible (without some fancy psycho-acoustical tricks) to make a sound appear to be behind you.

  1. Record your voice bit on a mono track, and edit it if necessary.
  2. Duplicate the track.
  3. Switch to the envelope tool.
  4. Create an envelope on the upper track that goes from zero to maximum.
  5. Create an envelope on the lower track that goes from maximum to zero.
  6. Click on the track drop-down menu on the upper track and select “Make Stereo Track”.

– Bill

Great, just the post recording trick that I was looking for. Is there a post recording software that acts like a mixing board? I have Traction software that came with my mixer, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Anyway, thanks, this will work just fine for now.


Maybe David Sky’s (free) stereo butterfly plug-in for Audacity will do the job …

Stereo Butterfly (LFO) (buttrlfo.ny) View | Download

Second in the Stereo Butterfly series. It takes stereo audio and makes it sound like the left and right channels are switching back and forth with each other. You can define the LFO (low frequency oscillator) rate.

If you made a stereo track with your voice on one track and silence on the other, then applied the butterfly effect, the voice would move (smoothly fade) from one ear to the other at the LFO frequency, e.g. attached