Moving songs from MySpace to SoundCloud

Hello, Im stuck in a rut. As we all know there was a myspace at one time before facebook tookover. I have three songs that are on that page that i want transferred to I currently am Enrolled in Full Sail University for Audio Production. I just started last week. Anyhow, i want to know how do i transfer my songs and upload them as an mp3 on soundcloud? I am trying audacity but i dont really know how to use it. So could someone please give me a few seconds out of their day and help Thank you all so much for your help. Good bye.

We do not provide support by email, and posting an email address on a busy public forum is likely to attract lots of spam, so I’ve removed your email address.

Do you have a copy on your computer or on disk?

I have a copy of it on my myspace. The full version. Thanks for removing my web address. What was i thinking? Anyhow i did it once. I managed to take a song from myspace and convert it to a mp3 file and upload it to my soundcloud. Any ideas of how i could get these three songs from myspace over to soundcloud>>???Thanks for the help

I don’t use myspace. Does it allow you to download the tracks?

There are methods of capturing the songs as they play, but it’s far better if you can do some trick with an application, or right-click or something like that to download the song as one sound file.

How did the songs get up there? This is where we start asking odd questions. Didn’t you have perfect access to those songs on a local machine at one time?

That may be good news if the system can “sense” that they came from you and it’s not somebody trying to steal them.


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