Moving OneDrive Audacity Project file to a normal normal local music drive

How do I Move a OneDrive cloud Audacity Project file to a normal local music drive?
I heard Audacity does not work well with OneDrive. I have recorded a lead guitar, bass guitar and vocal track on Audacity that is saved on Audacity as a OneDrive cloud file. Being that project files are so big, how can i place the project aup file in a zip file and send to a local music file on my computer and then reopen on audacity to continue working on the project without the OneDrive problem. Not sure how to create a zip file for the project and at the same time including the data file??? how to i go about making this transfer file. Never done it before.

It’s OK to store or move projects back-and-forth, but when you have a project open in Audacity you should be working from a local NTFS drive (as if the other drive doesn’t exist).

Zipping it shouldn’t be a problem, but zip & unzip on your local drive.

And since AUP & AUP3 files are rather “fragile”, it’s good-practice to make WAV or FLAC backups immediately after recording (whether you make a project file or not) and maybe export to WAV at certain points when your project is partially complete so you have a backup of your “work”.

And of course, multiple back-ups if the recordings are critical or irreplaceable, just like any other critical data.

When I have my Audacity AUP3 project OneDrive file open how do I make a zip file to export to my music file on my computer so the OneDrive is gone?
Never dealt with zip files before.
Also if I make a WAV file as a backup do I export that directly to the music file on my computer or does that have to be zipped as well. I don’t want to lose the work I have already completed on the OneDrive file. I just didn’t know about conflicts between OneDrive and Audacity. Thank you for your help.

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